"Our sweet baby George is almost a 3months 2 weeks now and has added much joy to our lives. We have gotten so many compliments (from the vet and his daycare) on his coat- very soft and shiny! I’d like to take credit it for it, but I think the care that they take in breeding their puppies makes all the differents. They were so easy to work with, professional and caring. Thank you for everything!"

Buman Joshua

"My puppy, Dana is almost 5 months now. She is very healthy, beautiful, and smart with an awesome personality. She even loves to watch TV!. Dana is perfect and I am very pleased with the whole experience. I will recommend this website to EVERYONE!!!"

Tina Bonam

"I highly recommend "Hopeland Teacup Poodles"!! They are very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about their puppies. It was great to work with them and I couldn't be happier with my little girl Shazzy! I will definitely be coming back to this website when I'm ready for another puppy!?"

Michelle Copland

"Our puppy Mickey is now a little over 3 months now and my entire family loves him!!! "Hopeland Teacup Poodles" kept Mickey for a couple of weeks before sending her due to her health condition when we purchased her. They were good to send us updates and pictures until we could pick her up. We looked forward to the emails. They truly love and take great care of their dogs!!! I am so happy we found this website!!!!"

Alex Donald

"I purchase a puppy from here last year. We brought Cocoa home in March and we have fallen in love with her from the time we laid eyes on her. We also got our in-laws to purchase another puppy from "Hopeland Teacup Poodles". Thanks.
I left a message today so when you have time call and let’s catch up and give you feedback on how your babies have grown up."


"We have had our 2 puppies for over a month now Bebie & Daisy. They make us laugh every day & love chasing other pets at home. They are very much a part of our family, I am happy my husband found this "Hopeland Teacup Poodles"."

Ashley Dien

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